A Face of Hope in Boxer Shorts

Earlier this morning as I was finishing my weekly prayer email to you, God interrupted my plans. I was finishing my already a-day-late Prayer Letter to you when I heard a knock at my door. I don't normally open the door. And there is no way early in the morning it was the normal salesperson or landscaper wanting to trim my out of control palm trees! I did something unusual and yelled out “who is it”?! The voice that came back was not familiar but I knew who it was! Now before I go further let me mention something first.

What I had planned to send you today has changed. I had planned to encourage you to read Luke 1 and to see how God had answered a prayer and given a miracle Baby and it wasn't the Messiah, Jesus... But I will hold that thought and just encourage you to go and read the passage.

The voice at the door was someone that I had never formally met but has lived with his parents off and on for the 13 years we have lived in Hollywood. His voice had that of urgency so I opened the door and immediately realized I had my boxers on and a Haiti Medical Missions shirt that Tonia had just told me was 2 sizes too small on me! So btw, before you picture this, my ‘boxers’ were Christmas boxers with snowmen and snow globes on them. So, I’m at the door with this very awkward wardrobe when my neighbor bursts out:

“Would you do a ‘Professional Courtesy’ for me”?
Me: “Uhhhhh, sure! What ever that means”!
“Would you pray for my mom?”

He went on to say she had been diagnosed with Leukemia and was in the hospital. He shared they really wanted her to come home for Christmas.

Ed and Henrietta have been two of the best neighbors we have ever had. This couple nearing their 90's are wonderful Christians and Tonia and I love them! Up until a few months ago Ed still pushed his mower to cut his yard. Henrietta had suddenly come down sick last week and was put in the hospital and diagnosed with Leukemia. We did not know this until this morning. A son who is the very private and reclusive sort –so that I have never even gotten to say hi to me- is now asking me to pray with for his mom.

It was my time to be a ‘Face of Hope.’ I stopped right there on the door step, with boxers and too tight of a T-Shirt and just prayed for his dear mom. I told Tonia the story afterward and said he didn't even look me in the eye the whole time. Her response, "Maybe he couldn't stand the site of a Pastor in a bright blue, already too-tight shirt and snowman boxers praying with him in the front yard! Ouch! Ok, so this is a little ‘TMI’ for your morning but I cancelled my planned Prayer Letter to tell you the story. All this because it immediately hit me that God had sent him to me and that I had the honor (despite my garb) of ministering this morning to someone who really needed a little bit of hope and to hear that his mom would get better and be able to spend Christmas with her family.

Who is God going to send into your life today or this season that He wants you to pray for, pray over and to be a ‘Face of Hope’ to? Hope doesn't always come in a Christmas tree, a wrapped package or nice gift. Sometimes it comes in pajamas on a door step in the most awkward moments. My prayer today is that you and I will always be able to pray even when it doesn't fit our schedules or wardrobes.

I love you guys!

Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
Oasis Church

P.S. Please pray for my dear neighbor Henrietta who is fighting this dreaded cancer. As I type Tonia is up visiting and praying with her. Please join her in prayer. God bless you for your ministry of Prayer.

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