Faithful and Joyful, Regardless...

This past week we launched the most powerful opening series we have ever done in the fall, “Walking Dead." It was an incredible weekend. God answered prayers and He moved beyond what we could have imagined. First, let me thank each of you who are our Pastor’s Prayer Partners, who never forget to pray for me and for our Oasis Church family. Because of your prayers there were approximately 50 people who raised their hands in our services who prayed to receive Christ. There were 21 people baptized in our services this past weekend and many more who will be in the weeks ahead.
One of my main points this past weekend was to live, joyfully
That does not mean our circumstances will be joyous always. There are valleys that help us enjoy the ‘Mountain Top’ experiences even more, (just like we, as a church experienced last weekend.) I also mentioned during the message that when everyone else walks away, He is there. He will not leave us or forsake us. Your friends might stab you in the back. Work associates might manipulate and conspire against you. Your own family might even turn away. But there is a constant! That is, our God and His love for us. He is Faithful!
What is the constant He wants from us when it seems like there is no one else you can trust? It is Him!
  But He also tells us that regardless what happens in life and what we are going through, we are to:
Romans 12:12
, 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Isn't that an incredible short but powerful verse? Be...

•    Joyful in Hope
•    Patient in Affliction
•    Faithful in Prayer
As Prayer Partners, we are not spared the pain and afflictions of life; but, we are promised Hope and Joy when we are Faithful in Prayer.

Thank you as Prayer Partners for being so faithful in Prayer
I truly light up every Sunday morning when I see our Prayer Partners standing over the chairs and praying over our auditoriums and joining our team for prayer. It’s a highlight of my weekend.
God bless you and thank you for being "Faithful". 
This week is the 3rd weekend of the Month. I am looking forward to having those on the list below praying with us at 8:30 a.m. this Sunday. As always if you missed your Sunday you can join us this Sunday.

Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
Oasis Church
P.S. Please, continue to pray over these on our Prayer Digest.

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