"Last Prayer, do you know where?"

Do you know where the last prayer in the Bible is located? Last week we found the first Prayer in Genesis Chapter 3.  I thought it might be interesting to find where the last prayer was.
This week I am sharing the "BE Like Jesus" message. It centers on Leaving a Legacy and I mention the importance of Last Words.
What were Jesus' last words? Do you know? Probably not what you think. But that's for this weekend at Pines!
But, if last words are important, then a last prayer must be too.
Alright, I am sure you are anxious to hear the answer by now! Ok, it's simply the next to the last verse in our English Bible, Revelation 22:20...
As John, the writer, wraps up this extraordinary book of things to come - things of which men are still trying to interpret and understand - He makes his last prayer very short and to the point.  "Come, Lord Jesus"..... That’s it. Amen!
John had suffered much persecution he was more than likely in poor health after being isolated on a remote island and experiencing old age. He was ready.
The more a person holds to the things of this world and is tied to the temporal, the less they can say this and even dread the Lord's coming back. The longer we live, the more we know Heaven is going to be so much better than this broken world.
The more I see what's going on in the world and journey through this life, the more I understand and want to be able to pray this last prayer of the Bible,  "Come, Lord Jesus" with much anticipation and excitement. Amen.
Until then, we keep praying, and serving. We fight the good fight, we run our race and until we cross the finish line with our Lord saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Amen!
Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
P.S. Attached is the Prayer Digest of our church family who are counting on us to pray for them.

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