Ms. Selma

Psalm 116:15, Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.

Today, I want to celebrate and remember one of the greatest prayer warriors and Pastors Prayer Partners Oasis Church has had since I began the "Pastors Prayer Partner" ministry 20 years ago. Monday, February 15th our beloved Ms. Selma went home to be with the Lord at 89 years old. If you knew Selma you loved her.

She would faithfully come to pray at 8:00am every Sunday. Not once a month, not at 8:30am but early, EVERY Sunday morning at 8:00am. She has done this since she came to South Florida 4 years ago to live with her daughter. It always intrigued me how such an elderly woman could love such a young, loud and non-traditional church after living her life in the deep south in Louisiana. I asked her about that. Her reply was most incredible - this was more than once we spoke of this.

She would tell me how important the young people are and how much she loved a church willing to reach out to them and include them. She would go on and on about how much she loved Oasis Church. By the way, she would sit on the second row. NO EARPLUGS! She was a saint - actually she is now a saint. She literally kept attending church until just 2 weeks ago. Six weeks ago she told me it would be her last. She just couldn’t make it anymore she was so tired and hurting. But for four more weeks she showed up anyway.

I had even sent her a card after she told me that she could not come anymore telling her how much I loved her and appreciated her. When she showed up the next Sunday I was like, “Selma, you said you couldn’t come anymore! She said, “I just couldn’t stay away.” For all of those she has touched we will never forget her. Lord, give us more Selma’s in our Oasis Family. We need them. Thank you for the gift you gave to Oasis and all of us who knew her these few short years.

We will forever be impacted by this prayer warrior. I know today I am sad because I know one of my most faithful Pastors Prayer Warriors is no longer praying for me. We received this ONLINE note from her daughter this past Sunday. Yes, Selma couldn’t make it and she was only 24 hours from being in the presence of the Lord, but she was worshiping at Oasis Church with her family live online! WOW! Thank you God for the gift you gave us in Selma. These are Selma's last words to us as a church. Tears of joy and loss filled my eyes in reading this.

Oasis Church - Prayer Request
Feb. 14, 2016 4:59am
From:Selma Thomas

Ms. Selma is still here. I am letting her listen to your service online. She already has a glow shining around her. She has made her peace. She looked forward to coming to church on Sunday. I thank God for the blessing and joy my mom, received from the fellowship with the Oasis church family. From my mom to each of you. She wants you to know she has lived a blessed life. Live your life one day at a time. Learning how to put your trust in God. Be happy for me. Because I am ready to make my transition. So long until me meet again. Love each and everyone of you.

May God send Oasis Church and this pastor more Selma's that will pray for us and love us in spite of all our faults and blemishes.

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