Pray for the peace of Israel

My heart has been increasingly heavy the more I see the rockets flying between Israel and Gaza.Having been to Israel 4 different times over the years I understand how close these enemies live to each other and also how the bitterness from centuries continue to fester and boil over.

Several Weeks ago when the Hamas/Palestinian Terrorist began to bomb the cities of Israel I added a mobile app called Red alert that sounds each time a rocket is fired into Israel. This real time reminder goes off day and night and reminds me to pray for the people of Israel. Over 2,000 bombs have been shot at Israel in the last 2 weeks…

It’s sad for the innocents on both sides of the conflict. Without any political speak injected here, there is no doubt innocent victims are on both sides. The biggest difference is that Israel uses their rockets to protect their innocent citizens and the Hamas Terrorists use their own innocent children and women to protect their bombs as human shields. This is as evil as it gets.

Having mentioned this, I ask each of us to pray for the Peace of Israel.The Psalmist said it clear and simple inPsalms 122:6"Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper."

As believers we should be the greatest supporters of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. God Himself calls them His people. As a country, if we ever turn our back on Israel, God will judge us. I believe a large part of our blessings and protection in the last 5 decades has been our love and support for the people of Israel. This does not mean we should not love and pray for the Palestinian people too. They are loved by God and Jesus died for them too. Just because
their leaders are corrupt and their primary religion Islam is radical and intolerant of others does not mean we should not pray for them and ask God to protect the innocents.

There is no easy solution and I am not sure there will ever be one before Jesus comes back but we still have the command toPray for the Peace of Israel.Those who do will prosper and those who don't will be judged. As simple as that.

I am also heart-broken over the lives lost in the plane crash as another result of hate and enemies using innocent lives to their own evil ends in Ukraine.

Even more heart-breaking is the thousands of children we are seeing dailyin our own countryhuddled in cramped, unsanitary inhuman refugee camps on our own border with Mexico.It is heart breaking as I readand hear their stories. The issues and answers are far beyond my wisdom but I do know God loves them and He must be sickened and heart-broken at the sight. Please pray that our leaders will somehow manage to come together in order to stop the flow of this mad exodus of little children flooding our border.Regardless of your views of the political side of this, please, put them aside and let’s ban together as prayer partners and pray for these little ones.

This has been a heavy Prayer letter but these things have continued to weigh heavy on my heart and I am afraid we get so caught up in wanting to take sides or criticize that we forget there are innocent victims in all these cases.

To top off the horrors of the past couple weeks of World Events, comes the news that the Islamic Extremists who have taken over parts of Iraq have now ordered all Christians to either convert to Islam, leave the city or be killed. Can you imagine in this 21st Century such barbaric actions taking place in our world? Can you imagine if these evil men ever get into Israel what will happen? A holocaust, like we have never seen in our lifetime.

Please PRAY...... Please pray for our World.It seems like it is spinning out of control like I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Even greater reason to pray and to share the Love of Jesus with all those we come in contact. We can’t change the Middle East Conflicts but we can love those we come in contact with and share the Love of Jesus with them. Thedarkerour culture and world gets thebrighterthe Light of Jesusshines.

God bless you and thank you for being our Oasis Pastor’s Prayer Partners!

I look forward to see those of you on the list below for our 4thweekend prayer team. If you missed your weekend please come this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Even if you are not on the list for this Sunday please, remember to be praying over all those on ourPrayer Digest this week.

See you Sunday.

Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
Oasis Church of South Florida

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