Prayer of Complaints

Quit complaining and start thanking! Have you ever heard that? I have. It sounds really scriptural. Of course we all should complain less and thank more. I understand that. But hey, let’s face it; there are just times to complain! Now, how we do it, and who we complain to, are two different things.


Once again we have David, Praying. This time it's from the caves where he was hiding from Saul who was pursuing him and trying to kill him.

In Psalm 142 we find David praying to God.

In this short Psalm we see various types of praying.

Vs. 1. David is praying to God for Mercy.

Vs. 2-4. David is complaining in his prayer to God and sharing all his "'woe is me complaints." (He had good reason and I would have been complaining much louder if it were me.)

Vs. 5. He began to pray for Refuge.

Vs. 6. He is praying for Rescue.

Vs. 7. It's a prayer for Freedom, (remember this was a man being chased all over the desert and mountains from a King who was trying to kill him.)

Vs. 7b. He is giving God Praise. Yes, after all this, David is praising God.

David may have complained and whined to God, but when all is said and done he realized God's goodness and he praised Him. Yes, after all that complaining.

There are always lots of take aways in this short chapter. But let’s just remember this, at the end of our complaining and whining we need to count our blessings and acknowledge all that God has done for us. Praise Him.

Thanks for being my Pastor's Prayer Partners. I'm reminded that whether we are complaining or whining, at the end of the day, God wants us to be praying.

Thank you for praying.

Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
Oasis Church of South Florida

P.S. We should all be praying over the many on our Prayer Digest who have requested us to pray for them or their family. God bless you and thanks again for praying.

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