"Talkin Turkey"

Dear Friend,

I want to begin today's letter a little heavy if you will allow me and then we will lighten up at the end. I am going to take a few paragraphs from my Prayer Partners Letter today.

I have so much to be thankful for! I normally make this week’s letter all about thanks. But first I need to acknowledge my prosperity of resources, health, home, friends and family! I am blessed beyond anything I deserve. Seriously, too much to be thankful for to even remember it all!

I was reminded of that last night. I got home and saw the 11 o’ clock news that more than 30 Haitians had died at sea trying to make it to America! My heart broke as I saw over 100 clinging to a capsized boat and hanging on for literally dear life. People so desperate to leave their families, friends and homeland in hopes of survival and the opportunities I take for granted so much throughout the year. So, before I share my traditional Psalm 100 with you today please join me in bowing in prayer for:

•    The Haitian people and the families who will hear their loved ones perished at sea.

•    The people of Syria caught between two political worldviews.

•    The people of Israel who live daily with the threat from Iran and others wanting to bring on another Holocaust of proportions never seen in History.

•    The peoples of lands struggling with famine, war and slavery.

•    The oppressed, the terminally ill and families who have lost loved ones this past year.

*    Those who are out of work, and dealing with broken homes here at home.

This sounds so dark for Thanksgiving Day… But it is the reality of life and it reminds me so much of how it is only by God’s grace that I enjoy the things today that I do. It’s by God’s Grace and there's nothing I have done to warrant it.

"Talking Turkey"  Today! Yeah, or whatever your cultural bird is at this time of year. But after today other than left over Turkey sandwiches and dressing it's all about CHRISTMAS!!!!!

* Live Christmas Trees arrive Friday! Trees of Hope display and the 510 Fresh Trees that will make up our "Guinness World Record" next week will be unloaded. If you are off on Friday and have a few hours to help unload and do some lights come on up to the Pines Campus. See Pastor Brown and our lay pastors who will be serving on Friday.

* Saturday Christmas work day and Monday and Tuesday next week. Saturday is 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Come anytime and stay as long as you can. Monday and Tuesday our entire staff will be out all day from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. setting up lights, displays and trees. You are welcome to come and join us at either campus.

This weekend I am excited about sharing the "History of Christmas at the Oasis". Things you have never heard before from behind the scenes! It's going to be an incredible weekend. You will also hear some "Live Stories" from some of our Oasis'ers and how Christmas has affected their lives.

FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED SOUVENIRS  celebrating Christmas at the Oasis this year. We are going to offer a VERY LIMITED amount of Souvenir Mugs, Deluxe ($15) and Regular ($10) for a donation that goes toward helping to underwrite the difference of what our Christmas offering will cover in order to continue to offer our Christmas Display FREE to our Communities. We will also be offering our first ever, Oasis Christmas Card for you to send to family and friends. (Donation of $10 or more for 12 cards/Envelopes). We will also be offering 2 types of Ornaments for a donation. All of these will be available to our Oasis Family this weekend. If any are left we will be offering them during the display once it opens. I have a feeling this is going to begin a new Tradition at Oasis each Christmas.

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