The Missing Ingredient

This week our Executive Team have been on a planning retreat to continue our planning and moving forward on the 20/20 Vision God has given us as a Church. As with every retreat that I lead, I go with far more for us to accomplish than we have time. Most of the time Prayer is an element of the retreat. But this time I felt compelled, just hours before the retreat, by the Holy Spirit to take our entire first session to just pray as a group.
We shelved our first day’s plans and just prayed. It was an amazing experience.
3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted prayer among our team. It was one of the most moving, supernatural times I have ever spent with a staff of leaders. It was a reminder that sometimes God just wants us to set our plans aside and spend time with Him. I have no regrets. One of our team afterward said it did not seem that long... It did not.
I used as our basis for that session John 20:19, when the disciples were huddled behind locked doors hiding from the Jews in fear following the death of Christ
. In Acts 1, Jesus commanded them to go into all the world and they would have the power of the Holy Spirit. They were transformed. From that point on, when they met, it always mentions they were praying. First, in Acts 1:24, they were found praying before selecting a new member of the Executive/Disciple Team. Then, in Acts 2, once they received the Power of the Holy Spirit, it records in 2:42-47 how, when they huddled together, they were praying. The power of the World-changing revival that brought thousands to Christ each day was found in the Power of Prayer.
Many times in our lives the 'Missing Ingredient is Prayer.'
Yet Prayer is the Fuel that powers the Christian life. Sometimes God wants to interrupt our plans just to spend time with Him. I am so glad our team did just that this week at the retreat. We may not complete all I had planned, but we spent time in His presence that was so much more supernatural.
When’s the last time you allowed God to interrupt your very busy and important schedule? Maybe, it’s time.
God bless you and thank you so much for your continued faithfulness in Prayer as my Partner.
I look forward to seeing those on our list below for our Prayer time this Sunday morning at 8:30 am.

God bless you,
Guy Melton
Oasis Church

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1. Svetlana wrote:
Another great night at our small group. Ruth's sermon was amnazig and really generated alot of intersting and thoughful discussion. Probably the biggest take home message for me was the thought that wherever we go God is with us, therefore we are always on Holy Ground. That really makes me stop to think about alot of my thoughts and actions. Do they seem Holy? Do I take time to stop' and include God in my daily life or just when I need him? Alison suggested we find a way to stop during our day and pray or spend time with God. Mine was every time I saw a green traffic light I turned off the radio and talked to God. I must say, it really made a diference in my day. I felt God's prescence. Try it!!!Another gem I picked up from this week's group was a suggestion from Linda. She mentioned that Dr. Charles Stanley has an app with his sermons and/or daily devotionals on it. I must admit I really didn't know who Charles Stanley was, but she seemed very impressed with his work. So, yesterday on my daily walk, I turned off my usual radios staions of choice, ESPN and NPR, and instead downloaded the In Touch app and listened to Dr. Stanley. Wow, what a great way to spend my time. His message was spot on and had application for my daily life. Listening to him combined with the beauty of my surroundings; let's just say I could feel God speaking to me. If I hadn't gone to small group that night, I may never have known about this wonderful app. Don't miss out-join one of our small groups.

Thu, September 25, 2014 @ 6:52 AM

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