"Thinking of Robin Williams"

America went to bed two nights ago with the horror of the death of yet another tortured celebrity. Robin Williams, after years of battling with drugs, alcohol, and depression, hung himself in his beautiful home on the water, north of San Francisco. Most everyone in America has laughed with him in numerous films and shows. I actually remember the “Mork and Mindy Show” from what seems a 100 years ago. It is sad that, after making millions of us forget a bad day and lightening our burdens with laughs, this man left this life and entered eternity without the peace he longed for. There is no commentary here from me on Robin. I did not know him. I will not presume anything. I will pray for his wife, children, and family who must feel pain like no one else, unless you have walked that road.
Why do I bring him up? Because this morning in my devotions I thought of him as I read one of the most disturbing chapters in the Bible: Psalm 88. It was a Psalm of lamenting and anguish. It is what’s considered one of the Psalms of the Sinner and the Sick. (Psalms 6, 38, 39, 40, 41, 51, 88, 102, 130)

It does not give answers. It actually raises far more questions that disturb us, than it answers. I could not help but think there must have been many days and nights that Robin Williams felt this way in private.
The Psalmist in Chapter 88 is no doubt distraught at life, at God and God’s seemingly wrath against him.  No doubt, most of us will have nights or days, or years of how he feels, at some point in our life whether we share it with anyone or not.
You know that in our Prayer letter to our Prayer Partners each week I try to stay upbeat and focus on the incredible power of prayer and its results. But there are some principles we need to see, even in a Psalm of this nature.

Let me wrap this up without a commentary, but a list of a few things, that even in a dark prayer like this one, we can learn and be reminded about. (Ps. 88:1, 2, 9, 13).
1. Never stop Praying. (I Thess. 5 says pray without stopping.)
2. If you are awake at night and can’t sleep, PRAY.
3. Don't let a NON-Answer or silence from God, keep you from constantly crying out to Him in Prayer. He can handle it.
4. Pray when we are sick, hopeless, sinful and helpless. Don't stop praying.
5. Pray even through tears. Sometimes the tears are part of the healing through prayer. (‘Those that sow in tears, sow prayers of faith through tears.’)
6. Never, never, never give up! Pray no matter how desperate or hopeless it seems.

These are all reminders that Prayer is as needed when we are hurting and in anguish, as when things are going good.
This week has also reminded me that there are people all around me that are silently hurting and need my love and prayers. They might be on their last thread of hope and your prayers and my prayers might be what God answers on their behalf. Don't stop praying.
Thanks so much for your faithfulness in being My Prayer Partners.

See you Sunday!
Guy Melton
Senior Pastor
Oasis Church
P.S. Here it is, the latest Prayer Digest with many of our Church Family counting on our prayers.

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