Care + Prayer


24-hour Prayer Vigil

join us January 22-23, 2019

Taking time out to cover our church and the dreams, concerns, and lives of those around us in prayer.


Prayer is the place we go to for our most intimate of moments to talk to God. To share and thank Him for our celebrations or to cry
out to Him in our deepest need. We grow in relationship with Him when we have regular conversations and consult Him in our day-to-day

We believe that everyone can walk in freedom. We would love to be able to talk and pray with you about what is going
on in your life. We have a Care Team and a team of Lay Pastors who would love to talk with
you, provide biblical guidance, and pray for or with you. Our Lay Pastors are available before and after every service. In addition,
you can also call to speak with a Lay Pastor at 954-296-1774.


prayer partners

Become a part of a group of dedicated men and women who serve as Pastor's Prayer Partners. These men and
women come every Sunday morning to pray over our services, our seats, our classes and every person who appears on our
Prayer Digest. If you have ever requested prayer at Oasis, you most definitly have been prayed for.

To sign up to be one of Pastor's Prayer Partners, click on the volunteer link below.


ready to make a difference in your community?

get connected and be a part of life-change by using
the gifts that god has placed inside you