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Groups Relaunch fall 2019

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Life is a shared experience, and at Oasis we believe no one should do life alone

Are you looking for a way to get connected at Oasis and find Community? Here at Oasis we believe you can find community through some of the experiences and small groups we offer, as well as through serving and volunteering on a Ministry Team. Life is a shared experience and to find community just requires taking a step in that direction. Click on Group Finder to see all the ways we are offering Community this season. Should you want more information on upcoming events, stop by our Community Cafe on the weekends!

If you are interested in hosting or leading a Community Group next semester, let us know by emailing oasisgroups@visitoasis.org. You can be the community someone seeks!


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Are you leading a group this Fall at Oasis? We want to equip you with discussion questions to get the conversation going!